Wrist straps

The standard ground lead comprises a 6 feet, 10 feet or 15 feet coiled cord, 1 meg ohm safety resistor, banana jack and an alligator clip. Strength and flexiblity are the common features of the coiled cord


- Provide an electrical pathway between mobile personnel and conductive mats, runners and flooring. They are manufac- tured from a conductive elastometric material with anti-slip and permanent electrical properties, They are fully adjustable, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. An optional current limiting 1 Meg ohm resistor for added protection is available.

Ground Lead

-The standard ground lead-kit comprises of a 10 feet straight polyurethane cord, star kit, 1 meg ohm safety resistor. 14mm snap cap, banana plug and an alligator clip. 1 Meg-ohm safety resistor is securely crimped by a steel fastener in the PVC-molded 14mm snap cap. The star kit is fitted onto the table mat and the ground lead grounded to earth.